Patrick Metcalfe


About Me

Technology oozes opportunity. With its seemingly limitless capabilities, technology has the opportunity to transcend social and cultural boundaries, and make the world a better place. From mobile to desktop, web to native, the possibilities that a computer renders its user with a little direction are truly breathtaking. Self-taught, using the internet as my teacher, I strive to create interfaces and solutions for others to become part of the positive catalyst that technology is becoming as we aim to change the world.



  • Rails
  • Sinatra
  • Ruby Gems
  • Bundler
  • Coloral
  • Patrian
  • Series
  • Nelson


  • HTML 5
  • Canvas
  • Web Componeants
  • Website
  • Donnelly Lipinski LLC
  • Roscoe Village Pub
  • All Within Reach Pilates


  • CSS 3
  • Animation
  • SCSS
  • Sass
  • Less


  • HTML 5 APIs
  • React
  • Canvas
  • WebGL
  • Ember
  • Website
  • Maliero
  • Exquiza

Santa Clara University

  • Class of 2019
  • Physics Major
  • Math Major
  • Art History Minor


  • iOS
  • macOS
  • watchOS

Other Languages

  • C#
  • Rust
  • Matlab
  • C++
  • And so many more


Let's face it the web moves incredible fast. I mean in 2014 no one expected that react —which people laughed off the stage—would change the way many devs think about the web, but then when you take a step back you realize it was inevitable.

React was so ground breaking because it wasn't there to destory the foundation of web development, which everyone thought. It was there to show us that we were thinking about it all wrong. Seperating HTML and JS wasn't the solution it was encapsulation.

Along those same lines, we as developers need to be open to change and new ideas. From accepting new technolgies, libraries, and APIs to embracing new people and lifestyles. Not everyone has lightning fast Internet or even the ability to read and it is our job as the builders to be there for them. Because what we build makes a difference, from sharing one's life to fighting for change in government and society. The web is an engine by which we can change the world. Δ⊕